Thanks for visiting my page for the Entropia Loations application.

On this little site you will find the locations program, files that are used with it and information on how to add your own parts to the program.

I am a novice at this programing lark so appologies if anything is badly done. I will try to keep this site up to date (I am still learning how to write it).

The current version for the program is version 3.30 and future developments will be: -

  • New csv format import to support a we based locations utility
  • Ability to edit all atributes of a location
  • More levels on the treeview
  • Use of GIF files for the images

Screenshots are updated!

Version Updates

All updates are listed here, most recent at the top. This file is also in the distribution.
Note: The new help file is only 32 bit, if you run 64 bit you will need an update for it to work.

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