Here I will explain how to load your own maps and how the software works... a bit.

For those of you that are interested, it has been written in Delphi 7 professional (yes Borland, a fully licensed copy).

The *.loc files are a compressed export of a component I wrote to hold all the relevant data. The component is a descendent of TShape for version 1 and a descendent of TRichEdit for version 2.

Pressing P in Game

The detection of the "P" in game is done by monitoring the chat log file. If the file changes the program reads the last line (the file changes everytime a comment is written) and if the last line written contains "your current position is..." then it activates the "add location" window entering the coords for you.

Adding New Maps

In the install directory (default is "C:\Program files\EntropiaLocations\") of the game you will find a folder called "Places". This holds the map and location data.

There are two directories in the "Places" folder by default, one for each continent. To add more places simply add a new folder. The new folder you add will automatically apear in the drop down combo box next time you start the application, pictured below: -

After creating your new directory, you need to ensure you have the revelvant files within it...

Settings.dat - this is just a text file that contains (width of map filein pixels, height of map filein pixels, longitude at the bottom left corner of the map, latitude at the bottom left corner of the map)
Locations.Loc - this is the locations file. It holds the locations information. You can copy one from Amethera or Eudoria into your new folder and empty it in the program.

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