I will try to thanks everybody for their support so here goes...

My Sister! - hmmmmm!
Zacariaz - for hosting the original site!
TWitter - for a really cool idea - the TWitter button
Jens - for being a great proof reader
Acroniod - for supplying alternate images for lcoations
Jane - for hosting and for giving me the drive
Razer - for so much helpful feedback and for testing
Stave - for support and suggestions (and the whole of the tou agency)
Adbul - for cool feedback
Jay - for helpful feedback
Rill - for images, support and feedback
Connie - for his extremely brutal critisism and suport
Tax Collectors - because they all rock and I will lick you all!

If I have missed anybody, I am sorry (I have a rubbish memory!)

...and of course, thanks to Notpad++ that makes writing web pages a lot easier than Notepad!!!

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